Original Paintings 

A Selection of…

You are welcome to call me on 07811153705 for more details or to visit my Studio Gallery at Summerley near Dronfield S18 4BF
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My Original paintings are on either a traditional standard canvas with a frame or a deep edge box canvas where I continue my painting around the edges. A box Canvas can also be framed should my customer prefer this option.

Snowbound 80 x 100cm Box Canvas SOLD

Leaves on the Turn 80 x 120cm Box Canvas

Late Summer 2, 60 x 90cm Box Canvas

Winter Hares 60 x 80cm Box Canvas

Woodland Blue, 70 x 70cm Box Canvas

Donkey Watching 50 x 40cm Box Canvas

Bird Watching 40 x 40cm Box Canvas SOLD

Owl Watching 50 x 40cm Box Canvas

Seasonal Colours 60 x 70cm Box Canvas

Finest View 60 x 70cm Box Canvas

Springtime Watch 80 x 120cm (Box Canvas)

Resting Hares 60 x 80cm (Box Canvas)

Flower Studio 80 x 80cm (Box Canvas)

Ebony Ivory 60 x 80cm (Box Canvas)

Very English Garden 80 x 120cm (Box Canvas) SOLD

Watchful 60 x 120cm (Box Canvas) SOLD

Out and About 50 x 100cm (Box Canvas)

All Abloom 60 x 50cm (Box Canvas)

Ahead of the Game 60 x 120cm (Box Canvas)

Ladies Day 45 x 160cm (Box Canvas) SOLD

Show Hydrangea 70 x 114cm (Box Canvas)

Cockerel Amongst Foxgloves 70 x 60cm (Box Canvas)

Out Of The Blue 70 x 70cm (Box Canvas)

Hydrangea 70 x 70cm (Box Canvas)


Hilda 70 x 60cm (Box Canvas)


Mixed Tulips 60 x 50cm (Box Canvas)

Pulling Together 50 x 100cm (Box Canvas) SOLD

Evergreen 60 x 80cm (Box Canvas) SOLD

A Moment In Time 60 x 120cm (Box Canvas) SOLD

Crowning Glory 33 x 118cm (Box Canvas)

Meadow Moment 1 30 x 100cm (Box Canvas) SOLD

Meadow Moment 2 30 x 100cm (Box Canvas) SOLD

Friendly Gathering

Friendly Gathering 70x70cm (Box Canvas) SOLD

A Tale Of Two Donkeys 60x80cm (Box Canvas) SOLD

Who Rules The Roost 60x120cm (Box Canvas)

Wild & Free 80x100cm (Box Canvas) SOLD

Farmyard Companions 70x114cm (Box Canvas)

Wistfull Eyes 70x80cm (Box Canvas) SOLD

Iris 70x114cm (Box Canvas) SOLD

Eye Spy 50x100cm (Box Canvas)

English Garden 80x120cm (Box Canvas) SOLD

Fleeting Moment 60x80cm (Box Canvas) SOLD

Trooping the Colour 70x60cm (Box Canvas). SOLD

Oak 60x60cm (Box Canvas)

Fabulous Flowers 80x120cm (Box Canvas)

Natural Connection 60x97cm (Box Canvas) SOLD

Caught In the Haze 80x80cm (Box Canvas) SOLD

Crazy Daises 70x70cm (Box Canvas)

Eye Catching 50x50cm (Box Canvas)

Step Into Spring 2, 60x90cm (Box Canvas)

Late Summer 60x80cm (Box Canvas) SOLD

Tottering By 60x70cm (Box Canvas)

Woodland Haven 2 100x150cm (Box Canvas) SOLD

Mothers Love 70x70cm (Box Canvas) SOLD

Bella 60x60cm (Box Canvas)

Muffin 70x80cm (Box Canvas)

Dairy Maids 50x100cm (Box Canvas)

Seen not Heard 70x70cm (Box Canvas) SOLD

A Lesson in Life 80x100cm (Box Canvas) SOLD

A Touch Of Colour 60x90cm (Box Canvas) SOLD

Hares Whiskers 60×60 cm (Box Canvas)

Flowers For You 70x60cm (Box Canvas)

Stella 50x50cm (Box Canvas)

Watching 70x60cm (Box Canvas) SOLD

Keep your Chin Up 60x60cm (Box Canvas)

Eye Catching 60x60cm (Box Canvas)

Gold Hearted 70x80cm (Box Canvas) SOLD

Rainbow Shades 80x80cm (Box Canvas) SOLD

Hare Day 70x70cm (Box Canvas)

Two of a Kind 60x 80cm (Box Canvas) SOLD

A Clear Vision 60x60cm (Box Canvas)

Super Cool 80x50cm (Box Canvas)

Pevril Castle 70x 114cm (Box Canvas)

Meadow 80x120cm (Box Canvas)

Fishing Boats 60x90cm (Box Canvas)

Looking Up 80x80cm (Box Canvas) SOLD

Limousine Cow & Calf 100x80cm (Box Canvas)

Peonies 60x80cm (Box Canvas)

Sleepy Hollow 70x70cm (Box Canvas) SOLD

Step into Summer 70x70cm (Box Canvas)

Chrome Hill 80x100cm (Box Canvas) SOLD

Bucket with Flowers 100x80cm (Box Canvas)

Longhorn 60x70cm (Box Canvas) SOLD

Spotty 60x80cm (Box Canvas) SOLD

March Hare 70×70 (Box Canvas) SOLD

Tulips 70x60cm (Box Canvas) SOLD